the wriggly writing workshop

Fun creative writing workshops for every body!

The Wriggly Writing Workshop is a fun creative writing workshop that takes our wriggly bodies as the starting point for writing all kinds of things.

It's some dedicated time and space for you to bring paper, pen and your whole self (plus all your body bits!) to refresh, create and connect through words.

We'll move around - hence the wriggliness - but we'll rest and relax too. We'll have a go at all kinds of writing - poems, letters, plays, stories, lists, diary entries and more.

We're not just writing with our bodies (ie literally our hands!), but from our bodies, from the inside-out as it were, with our whole-body awareness. So we'll slow down, we'll centre ourselves, we'll write from an embodied perspective.

When we do that, we can do no wrong. And we'll notice things a bit more freshly, weirdly even, 'slant' as Emily Dickinson said. We will look and feel and hear and taste things as if for the first time, before waiting, listening, sensing into, making space for, finding new ways with words.

The result - writing that comes directly from the 'soft animal' (Mary Oliver) of our bodies - is grounded yet free and expansive, juicy - wild! - with all that it means to be alive in this moment.

The Wriggly Writing Workshop is currently an online experience. The workshops are designed for beginner and more experienced writers alike. They are open to all.


Hello! I'm Philip Cowell and I reckon - if you've got a body, you can write. The Wriggly Writing Workshop brings together bits of my life from creative writing and embodied practices, and builds on my Creative Writing for Yogis course at Yogapoint, and more recently with Wild Goose Writing.

I worked for 10 years at the Arvon Foundation and English PEN, teaching writing in community settings, arts centres and festivals, and I'm poet-at-large at Street Wisdom, the social enterprise bringing inspiration to every street on earth.

My main embodiment practice is qigong, guided by my teacher Mimi Kuo-Deemer, and I've taken part in mindfulness, yoga, Feldenkrais, Courage & Renewal and focusing workshops.

I have the the PTLLS teaching qualification (now the City & Guild Level 3 Education & Training). All of this comes together in my books Keeping A Journal (Sheldon Mindfulness), Stress (with Lorraine Millard, Sheldon Mindfulness) and This Is Me, Full Stop (Penguin).


New sessions coming up!


Do be in touch if you'd like to join us for some fun, easeful Wriggly Writing.